One of the most precious qualities of any child is the freedom and power of their imagination. It was the imagination of my 9 year old daughter (who was only 6 at the time!) that inspired me to open a new build-your-own soft toy shop in Ipswich. We discussed what would make a great local shop. Isabella wanted all things magical and I wanted affordable and family friendly. The shop has been completely designed with families in mind. The open plan allows for children to explore and play whilst parents can easily navigate push chairs and keep one eye on their children from anywhere in the store.

Competitively prices without compromising on quality, we have a set price for all bears and outfits. We offer a small range of ‘pocket money gifts’ and we host parties in store.

We first opened our doors in November 2013 and our online store followed shortly after.

I hope you enjoy shopping for your bears either in store or online. If we can help in any way please contact us.